Objectives Of Anjali Mahila Uthan Evam Bal Vikas Samiti

The importance of the development of women and children is of paramount importance and with this, the flow of overall development flows. Working on the rights and concerns of women and children and ensuring their survival, security, development and participation is the primary duty of the Ministry. Empower women who live with dignity and contribute equally to progress in the environment free of violence and discrimination. In addition, well-educated children who have full opportunities for growing and growing in a safe and caring environment. Promotion of social and economic empowerment of women through increasing awareness of clear policies and programs, mainstream gender perceptions, and their rights, provides institutional and legislative support to enable them to achieve their human rights and develop to their full potential. To do To ensure the development, supervision and security of the children through policies and programs related to various areas, to increase their awareness of their rights, to reach education, nutrition, institutional and legislative support so that they can grow to their full potential.

Anjali Mahila Uthan Evam Bal Vikas Samiti is not only working for women’ self-dependency and child development but also fighting against environmental pollution and conservation of resources.

Anjali Mahila Uthan Evam Bal Vikas Samiti works with them and in their interest to enable them to deal with personal and social problems and to obtain essential services and resources. His work may include inter-personal practice, collective work, community work, social development, social action, policy development, research, social work education and supervisory and managerial work in these areas, but his work is limited to these tasks. Are not there. The working area of ​​business social workers is increasing day by day.

“DMM” Direction – Momentum – Mentorship

Women empowerment and training : Given an open door for women to learn skills and make their living under the “Skill Development Programs” by ♤Anjali Mahila Uthan evam Bal Vikas Samiti♤ Women empowerment and training: continues….under “Skill Development Programs” – by “Anjali Mahila Uthan evam Bal Vikas Samiti .”

Empowered Women = Self dependent Society