About Dr. Alok Drolia

Dr. Alok Drolia comes from the Royal family of Rajasthan. He is a famous and known personality in the field of the mining industry. His passion and willingness to help, support & Empower poor and slums living people by providing better education, health, skills, training,, forced him to look into this matter and thought to utilize the available resources for the needy people of the country and thus he started Non-Government Organization, named “Anjali Mahila Uthan Evam Bal Vikas Samiti”.

Dr. Alok Drolia is inspired with the thought (“My Country is the world, and my religion is to do good”) and working very hard to fulfill this goal. He has also started helping needy ones by start-up and stand up, a program of Central government.

Dr. Alok Drolia has devoted his whole life to work for the needy people. He is dedicatedly working for the development of children, women, and unemployed people. He lives like an ordinary person just to feel exactly how these people feel. He is a very simple, Scholar, Ethical, kind-hearted, dynamic, well cultured and highly Talented personality.